Explore Local Trails and Picnicking


Explore Local Trails and Picnicking

Sometimes we aren’t able to escape far away for a vacation due to a busy schedule or lack of funds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t vacation.

Enter the staycation.

There are so many things you can do close to home, depending on where you live, to relax and unwind. First off, make sure you schedule yourself time for your staycation along with leaving emails and work behind just like you would if you were going away. If you don’t, you may end up cleaning the house, running errands, watching television, or doing nothing at all.

Need an inexpensive but fun staycation idea? Explore your local trails and end your adventure with a picnic somewhere private – because who doesn’t LOVE a good picnic? No matter where you live, there are always places you can go to enjoy a little feast in the outdoors. Picnicking is a great way to catch up with friends or family, or simply enjoy a solo evening or afternoon on your own. Pack up a cooler full of drinks and food and enjoy some time somewhere quiet. In the fall, the colours and crisp air make for great picnicking conditions.

If you enjoy being active, starting with a walk or a bike ride on your local trails would be a great way to expend some energy and get moving before winding down to some good food and relaxation. Think like a tourist, or consider this: if you had friends visiting from out of town, what trails or views would you recommend to them? There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own town/city and enjoying everything the area has to offer.


My best friend and I headed out and did just that this past week. We parked our vehicles at one of my favorite parks in the city, headed out for a long bike ride on our local trails, and along the river valley, followed by a picnic and hammocking afterwards. The fall colours and geese flying around added to the already perfect evening! The Coleman 60-qt Wheeled Cooler was perfect for what we needed, especially because it can keep ice cool for five days in up to 32-degree heat – perfect for the hot, dying days of summer. It offered plenty of room for all our food, drinks, and other things we needed for our picnic. Being able to pull it alongside us made it easier to transport it from the car to our spot.


When you’re ready to wind down, bringing a hammock and book along for your picnic will allow for a great opportunity to relax. Get lost in your book or take a nap – you deserve it! We all can get busy with work, our families and responsibilities, so scheduling time to unwind and ‘vacay’ without having to do too much planning is always a great idea.

And lastly, take pictures – just like you would if you were hours or thousands of kilometres away on vacation! Photos of you and your family or friends – or selfies, if you’re out on your own 😉 – will make for great memories.

Now go find and enjoy some great trails and picnic spots in your hometown!