Fishing Staycation


Fishing Staycation

I’ve been enjoying the Canadian outdoors with my family my entire life, and for the past decade I’ve been publishing tips that help others do the same. I’m thrilled to be able to share some of my best Staycation ideas with you here, starting with two that are closest to my heart: fishing and eating together!

Where I live (in Vancouver), there are a number of urban lakes within a half an hour of downtown where we can fish, as well as countless bodies of water just a couple hours out of the city. BC’s Freshwater Fishery Society stocks most of them with rainbow trout and offers helpful tips on how and where to fish, so if you’re just starting out, that’s your first stop. Most provinces have a society like this – Google “fishing license [your province]”, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is also a good place to get information.


I get out onto rivers and the ocean quite a bit, but the best place to begin – especially with kids or beginners – is the lake. A simple set-up of a fishing rod, float, hook and worms ($30 total) will net at least a couple edible trout fishing from shore in an afternoon. Make sure you’ve got a valid fishing license and check to see if your kids need them (for example, in BC anyone under 16 is exempt). If you don’t have a license and want to try it, check out the licence-free fishing calendar on Get Outside Canada’s fishing page.

We usually set-up camp (a shelter, cooler and camp stove) within a couple hundred feet of where we fish, and lately my eight-year-old son has been catching more than I have. I’ve taught him well! Our rule is this: whoever catches the fish cleans it and gets to carry it back to camp like a trophy. For now I’m always the one who cooks the catches, but I imagine in time, my son will lap me in that regard as well and come up with his own camp stove recipes.

Over the coming weeks, Aimée (Get Outside Master for Cooking) will be sharing many more (ahem, *better*) tips on cooking in the great outdoors, and before you dig into her posts, I figured this simple one passed down from my father might be a good start.  The only ingredient you need to bring with you is bacon! And, of course, first you’ll need to catch a fish or two. The best part of this simple recipe is that you have the freshest fish possible cooking on your Coleman HyperFlame Camp Stove & Grill, within an hour of catching it. If you bring your own fish from the grocery store I will forgive you, but promise me you’ll at least try to catch one first.

Like I said, this is a super simple dish. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 fish (trout, bass, whatever you’ve got!)
  • 3 slices of bacon
  • Coleman HyperFlame camp stove
  • A pan and a flipper
  • An appetite (which you’ve hopefully built up from fishing all afternoon)

Start by cutting up the bacon and putting it in the pan, letting it go for about a minute until the fat starts to come out. Add the fish at this point and put the lid on for a few minutes. Flip once, put the lid back on for a couple more minutes, and boom! The best fish you’ve ever eaten.