Out on the Water


Out on the Water

Heading back to university at the beginning of September has made it more difficult for me to get out of town on a regular basis – but I will still be making time for the mountains, vacations and other bigger plans.

I’ve learned there’s a lot I can do without having to go too far, whether it’s for an hour, an entire evening or a full day. Many people would be shocked as to how much there is to do close to home, which sometimes it will just take a little more creativity and exploring to uncover.

I live close to a few different lakes and rivers, so being able to spend time out on the water is something I love to do, as it is great exercise while still being relaxing. For those who love to fish, there are always opportunities close by to get out fishing. My family has a cabin on the lake 25 minutes from my hometown, and my father – who loves to fish – says he can’t wait to get out ice fishing this year. I can’t wait to join him.


My friend Taylor and I headed out this past weekend to the cabin to catch up and enjoy the fall leaves, views and colours. We are blessed to have so many local trails in the area and places we can get out to walk our pups, as she has two and I have Timber. After heading out for a nice walk, we took the canoe out on the water – what a wonderful way to spend an evening.

We try to be prepared for anything and packed some drinks and snacks in our Coleman Sport High Performance Cooler (36-Can), which I find to be the perfect size when you are just out for a couple hours. The compartments are also great for storing dry items outside the cooler, and the strap for carrying it. Since we were going to be canoeing, we brought along our life jackets – the Stearns® Automatic Inflatable PFD Life Jacket. The manual inflation feature makes for easy storage, as they pack down small and are comfortable when worn, allowing your arms to move easily when paddling. We also made sure to bring extra layers and a blanket, as the weather cools down quickly in the fall when the sun begins to drop.


Many towns and cities have places you can rent canoes, kayaks and paddleboards, so if you don’t have one of your own, try searching in your local area for businesses you can rent from. Or ask around; you could have a friend or someone who is willing to lend you one to use for a day or even a few hours. With canoeing, you can have friends, family or your pup join you, and you can bring along some essential drinks and snacks if you are planning on being out for long, since there is extra room. In the warmer months, enjoying a little dip in the water would be recommended also – though if you are willing to take a dip in these cooler months, please feel free!

Ending the evening with a fire is great if you have access to a fire pit at your own home or at a friend’s house. Who says you need to be out camping to cook hotdogs or roast s’mores over an open flame?

Here’s to a great couple months ahead leading up to winter. Happy staycationing!