CAMPING with Brooke Willson



Brooke Willson is a 26 year-old adventure seeker based out of Red Deer, Alberta who spends the majority of her free time in the mountains. With a Social Work Degree, she’s worked in schools for the past eight years as an Education Assistant and Social Worker, and has a strong passion for youth empowerment and learning. Outside of work she has figured out ways to balance her life with friends, family, adventure and travel. She believes strongly in eco-therapy and the power of Mother Nature on ones well-being.

Brooke’s use of the hashtag #freshairandfreedom says it all. Nature is a place she goes to find her center again. Whether she’s out running, hiking, biking, camping, kayaking or simply enjoying a coffee on her back cabin porch, it’s where she feels most ‘herself’. Brooke plans to continue teaching while inspiring people to get outside, with her new ‘fur baby’ Timber along-side her.