Staycation Basics

The weather forecast is looking great and you only have a day to get away with the family. What do you do? We have it good in Canada with all our parks and natural spaces. Summer flies by, so don’t waste another day at home!
Your staycation doesn’t have to be fancy or long. Day trips can be an excellent way of seeing more of your province. More importantly, it’s an easy way to get outside with your family and enjoy simple moments with them. All it takes is a little research and preparation to have an awesome day out.
Depending on where you live in Canada, there’s likely to be a great park (regional, provincial or national) near you. Find out which park is best suited for your family. We love that as our kids get older, we can do more physical activities with them.
If you’re like me, planning may not be your strong suit, but if you want to make the outing a smooth one, it pays to have the basics ready to go before your day out. Plan for a meal at the park. “Keep It Simple” rules apply here. Fill up the Coleman 62 Quart Wheeled Xtreme Cooler with the day’s food and drinks.
On a recent day trip to Golden Ears Provincial Park, we decided to have lunch there. It was a warm day and all shaded picnic tables were already taken. We were thankful that we brought the Coleman 10 x 10 Shelter. It easily covered the picnic table and allowed us to prepare and cook the food under much needed shade. We especially benefited from the 50+ UVGuard™ protection on this warm day. With the help of the Coleman Matchlit Stove, instead of cold sandwiches, we had a delicious summer meal of hot dogs and corn on the cob. Delish!
With the family fueled up for the rest of the afternoon, it was time to explore the park, starting with a dip and some playtime in Alouette Lake for the kids while mom and dad chilled in the Coleman XL Quad Chairs. After some time in the lake, it was time to pack up and explore another part of the park. A tip for streamlining your setup and pack up times is to use one or two storage totes to keep all your camping/day trip essentials. Not only does it speed things up at your destination, it also makes the planning easier for subsequent day trips.
We found a nearby nature trail that was just off the main park road. Exploring the beautiful, lush forest was the perfect end to our day out. This simple time of family connection is sorely needed in an era dominated by devices and “connectedness”. I encourage you to gear up with some staycation basics and get outside!