What is Get Outside Day?


Coleman is calling on the support of all Canadians – Canadian media, Canadian officials and Coleman partners to urge the government to declare July 15th a holiday — National Get Outside Day, because who wouldn’t want another day to Get Outside?

As our lives continue to get busier, Canadians are finding it more and more difficult to find the time to get out and enjoy what our country has to offer. With 63 per cent of Canadians spending two hours or less per week doing recreational activities outdoors, Coleman Canada believes it is time to bring national attention to this issue and become the catalyst for change. Coleman Canada founded Get Outside Day last year in an effort to encourage Canadians to leave the distractions behind and appreciate the beauty Canada has to offer. This year, Coleman wants to make Get Outside Day an even greater movement, a national holiday even – allowing Canadians the opportunity to spend a little time outdoors with friends and family.

For over 100 years, Coleman has been a part of many outdoor memories and is encouraging Canadians to make an effort to make even more memories this summer. There are many ways to get outside this summer, big or small. Whether it be a picnic at a local park, a backyard BBQ, swimming at the beach, or heading to your favourite campsite, Coleman will help Canadians preserve, encourage, and champion the cause to get outside.

Let’s G.O.!