Urban Cookout


Urban Cookout

Staycations can be a wonderful time for you and your family to have fun and recharge. It can also be a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends and your extended family as well. Canadians love to barbecue, right? Here’s a challenge for you. Take your barbecue to the next level!
Host your next barbecue in the heart of the city. Treat your family and friends to an urban cookout! Forget about potlucks and the headaches with organizing who’s bringing what - use your flexible staycation time to plan a “fancy” menu and spoil the important people in your lives.
With some planning, creativity and the right gear, your event will be a success.

Find the perfect spot for your barbecue:

  • Discover new locations
  • Central locations with easy parking
  • Great views (city, water)
  • Playground for kids
  • Check for park picnic/barbecue restrictions

Plan and prepare your menu in advance:

  • Think outside the box and surprise your guests with something different from the usual hot dogs and hamburgers
  • Choose delicious but easy to heat/cook meats
  • Select easily transportable food and drinks
  • Options for adults and kids
  • Pre-cook meats at home to finish/brown at the barbecue
  • Make a list of non-food items such as plates, utensils and accessories

Bring the right gear:

Enjoy the views, food and great company at your next urban cookout! Remember, even if you lead a super busy life, there’s always time to get outside and maintain a meaningful connection with family and friends.