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This summer, find nirvana by kicking back at one of Canada’s best beaches. Looking for natural beauty or an opportunity for adventure? We’ve got you covered. Because summer is sand, sun and surf. But, which is the best? Let’s put it to a vote!

Best Beach - Wasaga

Wasaga Beach

Simcoe County, Ontario

Nottawasaga Bay is the longest freshwater beach in the world – so don’t worry about feeling sticky and salty for the rest of the day. Beachgoers can take a dip, or sun-out on the shores of Wasaga Beach. It’s the perfect place to lounge under an umbrella or on an inflatable to enjoy the summer sun.

Best of Canada - Best Beach - Du Havre-Aubert Beach -Iles de la Madeleine - Quebec

Du Havre-Aubert Beach

Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec

Grab your shovel and be a kid again. Just do it. Havre-Aubert Beach is the ultimate place to build a sandcastle in Canada. The beaches are beautiful, but if you’re feeling like an adventure, the cliffs and caves are definitely worth a visit.

Best of Canada - Best Beach - Grand Beach

Grand Beach

St. Clements, Manitoba

This is more than just a beach. Grand Beach is the picturesque backdrop to the historic La Vérendrye Trail. The area has a variety of camping sites, but bird watching also draws visitors. Enjoy a picnic with friends or find solace on the sand as you kick back and revel in the warm summer months. Life’s more than a beach at Grand Beach.

Best of Canada - Best Beach - Singing Sands

Singing Sands

Basin Head, Prince Edward Island

Are you a musical genius? We all are at Singing Sands. Walk along the beach and listen to the whistling sounds you make as you touch the quartz sand. People come from far and wide to harmonize –and you could too!

Best of Canada - Best Beach - Long Island, Tofino, British Columbia

Long Beach

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Long Beach is a sanctuary if you want to surf or kayak along the western coast. Take in the sights, smell the Pacific Ocean or even spot an orca whale. Maybe you’re a little more woodsy? Pitch a tent at one of the nearby campgrounds or watch the waves engulf the shore. Check out Wickanninish Bay between Tofino and Ucluelet – behold the majesty of the coastline.

Best Beach - Candle Lake

Candle Lake

Candle Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

When you think of Saskatchewan, you probably don’t think of the beach – hence why Candle Lake is one of its best kept secrets. If you’re feeling hot this summer, get your hot-self to the beach. Explore the sand dunes and recline in comfort on the natural beach slope.

Best Beach - Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Sylvan Lake is a hidden gem and a diamond beach oasis in the prairies of Alberta. With over 13 kilometres of gorgeous beach, you can join the locals for all things water-related – swimming, boating, water skiing, wakeboarding –you name it. At Sylvan Lake, it barely feels like you are in Alberta!

Best Beach - Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach Provincial Park, Pointe-du-Chêne New Brunswick

This beach is known for having the warmest salt water north of Virginia – 25 degree water in the summer, hello! Over 500,000 Canadians flock to Parlee beach for Music, beach volleyball. Parlee Beach is a regular beach ball!

Best Beach - Lawrencetown Beach

Lawrencetown Beach

Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Lawrencetown Beach is tiny (only 1.5KM), but what it lacks in size it more than makes up in attitude with awesome surfing breaks. When someone from Halifax says “we’re going to the beach”, this is what they mean.

Best Beach - Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks, Vancouver

Don’t let the name mislead you…with only one bank, it should be Spanish Bank. The beach is divided into three sections and backed by grassy fields, making them a popular destination for family gatherings and pickup soccer. Let’s go to the beach!