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There’s something about a summer morning –it’s quiet, it’s calm. Maybe there’s dew on the grass and you get your feet wet, but you don’t care. The dawn beckons you to get outside. So this summer, wake the kids up early and revel in the majesty of the sunshine. Not a morning person? Put on your summer sweater and snuggle up with a sunset. We’re the children of summer – we need to be outside.

Vote now – what is the greatest spot in Canada to take in a beautiful sunrise or breathtaking sunset:

Best Sunrise/Sunset - Saugeen Shores

Saugeen Shores

Bruce County, Ontario

Catch the sunrise while you take a swim. Float along Saugeen Shores as you watch the sun peak above the horizon. Bring your lawn chair to spend the day, but one must always start it with the Saugeen sunrise.

Best Sunrise/Sunset - Ottawa Mattawa River

Ottawa River

Ottawa, Ontario

Come to the river. Science says the capital’s altitude, geographical location, cloud cover and air quality create the conditions for beautiful, calming sunsets. While we don’t really understand how it all comes together, we’re certainly glad it does. Trust us, this is going to be a great sunset. So grab a spot along the Ottawa River.

Best of Canada - Best Sunrise/Sunset - Mont Royal, Quebec

Mont Royal

Montreal, Quebec

Climb the peak of Mont Royal and reward yourself with a sunrise. Watch it illuminate the cityscape. Whether you’re staying out to catch this beautiful view or waking up early to climb the peak, Mont Royal is the place to be.

Best of Canada - Best Sunrise/Sunset - Riverdale Park

Riverdale Park

Toronto, Ontario

This vantage point offers stunning views of the Toronto skyline and at sunrise it’s a great spot to see the sun hitting the city’s high-rises. This spot has the feel of being removed from the city but in reality, downtown Toronto is only minutes away.

Best Sunrise/Sunset - Dunnville


Dunnville, Ontario

Most people know Dunnville as the hometown of NHL talents like Cory Conacher, Nathan Horton, David Fenyves, Ryan Barnes and coach: Peter DeBoer. What people don’t know about Dunnville is that it has some of the most beautiful sunsets. Head to the bridge and watch the colours light the sky and bounce off the water below.

Best Sunset/Sunrise - Canada Hill

Canada Hill

Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Canada Hill is a community in the district of Shelburne in Nova Scotia. We hardly give our small towns the kudos they deserve, but in this case –we need to call out Canada Hill for having incredible sunrises. See the best of Canada’s orange and yellow skies some morning at Canada Hill.

Best Sunrise/Sunset - Seabright


Seabright, Nova Scotia

There’s something so serene about a sunset. In Seabright, lights flicker off the masts of the sailboats in the harbour and an orange haze bounces across the sky. Cuddle up with a blanket and listen to the sounds of the water. Start your morning right in Seabright.

Best Sunrise/Sunset - Victoria


Victoria, British Columbia

Locals affectionately call Victoria the land of the “newlywed and the nearly dead.” Whether you’re 1 or one-hundred, you can still enjoy a sunrise or sunset over this charming Victorian-style city. Drive or walk to the tip of either Mount Tolmie or Mount Doug to watch the sun light all sides of the city. Whether you prefer to take in the sun at a high peak, or from the inner harbour downtown –you’ll understand why the license plate says, “Beautiful British Columbia.”

Best Sunrise/Sunset - MacGregor Provincial Park

MacGregor Point Provincial Park

MacGregor Point Provincial Park, Ontario

The trifecta of majesty! The place where your perfect sunrise is enhanced by the ambiance. That’s right; birds, wildlife, and a beautiful sunrise. It doesn’t get much better than this, but just beware of the carnivorous plants!

Best Sunrise/Sunset - Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Drives through the prairies aren’t always the most exciting, but that makes sunrises and sunsets that much more special. Get outside on the open road and drive toward the sun. This is the kind of sunrise that will last for miles. Chase the sun in Moose Jaw.