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Canada is an immense country, with no shortage of big and beautiful places. The breadth and scale of our rugged landscape are key to our national identity – the True North strong and free!

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure with gob-smacking scenery, you’re in the right place. Tell us, which is the most wondrous?

Best Natural Wonder - Canadian Rockies

The Rockies

British Columbia and Alberta

There are seven parks in the Rocky Mountains that boast the best mountain scenery on the planet. Yes, that’s right – On. The. Planet. Mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves. Thrill yourself with panoramic views and challenge your fear of heights. Rock the Rockies.

Best of Canada - Best Natural Wonder with a View - Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Ice age! Okay, so that’s not happening, but it did. Niagara Falls was formed at the end of the ice age. Glaciers receded and water carved a path from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to those stubborn and intrepid glaciers, you get to feel the power of the raging falls vibrate through your body as they pump 168 million litres of water over the edge each minute. Feeling daring? Get up close on the observation deck or take a boat or helicopter tour. Find your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. One hundred points to whoever catches the Leprechaun.

Best of Canada - Best Natural Wonder with a View - Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Northern Canada

Aurora Borealis – say that 3 times fast. Watch the lights dance across the sky while you lay down somewhere in the Aurora oval. The best times to go are March, April, September and October. The Northern Lights are the ultimate light show – electronic dance concerts have nothing on this natural wonder.

Best of Canada - Best Natural Wonder iwth a View - Nahanni National Park

Nahanni National Park

Northwest Territories

Looking for serenity? Nahanni National Park hosts Canada’s deepest river canyons and hot springs. Nahanni is host to North America’s most spectacular underdeveloped waterfall, which stands twice the height of Niagara Falls. Just beware that you’ll need to take a helicopter or float plane to get there. (Whoops, we may have just blown Canada’s best kept secret.)

Best of Canada - Best Natural Wonder with a View - Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks is like the mullet of Canada. It’s all business when the tide is high, but when the tide goes out, it’s time to get your party on at Hopewell Rocks. Walk on the bare ocean floor and walk what the locals call “the lost city.”

Best Natural Wonder - Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy

New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

Tide is high? You must be in the Bay of Fundy – home to the highest tides on the planet. Before and after low tide, walk on the ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks, and hunt for undersea treasures – sea glass, stones, or fossils. Venture to the Western Passage of the Passamaquoddy’s to find the “Old Sow Whirlpool” –it’s the second largest in the world!

Best Natural Wonder - Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant

Thunder Bay, Ontario

A rock formation created by mesas and sills is fondly called, The Sleeping Giant. Why? The natural wonder looks like a giant lying on its back, but you have to see it from the west to north-northwest section of Thunder Bay. An Ojibway legend calls The Sleeping Giant “Nanabijou.” Apparently, he was turned to stone when he shared the secret location of a rich silver mine. Now, we know this place as the Silver Islet.

Best Natural Wonder - Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Red Deer River, Alberta

Get out your fossil brush at Dinosaur Provincial Park. It is world famous – so famous that in 1979 UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site. A mind-boggling number of species have been found here – 40 and counting – but what really makes this location the best is that its bone beds are a resting place for more than 300 specimens, which can be seen in museums around the world. Start digging up the past at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Best Natural Wonder - Cathedral Grove

Cathedral Grove

MacMillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Hug a piece of history at Cathedral Grove. Some of the trees are up to 800-years-old, so get friendly with the past, present, and future by stopping along Highway 4 en route to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. Meander through the trails and be awe-stricken by these tall, mighty giants.

Best Natural Wonder - Singing Sands

Singing Sands

Basin Head Provincial Park, Prince Edward Island

The Singing Sands in PEI’s Basin Head Provincial Park don’t only look beautiful, but they sound good, too! Why? Rumour has it that the sounds have something to do with the quartz, but others choose to believe it’s something mystical. Stroll over 800 km of squeaky “singing” sand and dip your toes in the warmest waters in the northern hemisphere.